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A Passionate Inspirational 

Poet and Speaker

At LG’s Hidden G.E.M.S., my goal is to spread messages of love, hope, and freedom through poetry and spoken word.

Motivating People in Indiana Through Poetry and Spoken Word 

Meet Mr. Lloyd L. Garrison – CEO | Inspirational Poet and Speaker

My name is Lloyd L. Garrison, and I am the owner of LG’s Hidden G.E.M.S. Through my business, I plan to continue on my journey of providing a variety of high-quality, personal motivational content for teens and young adults.

My passion for poetry began in 1996, when I was a high school junior in the Cincinnati. In 1997, I transitioned to Miami University, where I studied creative writing, African American literature, and Harlem Renaissance poets such as Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, James Weldon Johnson, and Countee Cullen.

I obtained a Bachelor of Arts (2001) and a Master of Arts (2006), both in English, from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I also hold a CPR certification, Child Mental Health Wraparound Services (CMHW) youth provider certification with a focus on respite care and a wealth of experience with developing youth programs and writing inspirational poems to motivate others.

My lifelong mission is to use my experience and words of wisdom to positively shape the lives of the young adults and others throughout the world. You can expect 100% transparency, exceptional customer services, and no surprises with working with me.

Please email, text, or call me directly for a one-on-one consultation.

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